A lot on my mind – Weight Gain

30 Jun

I’ve got a lot on my mind today that I don’t think I can restrict them all to just one blog post. But it’s my blog and I can write as many times as I want in one day, no? Or is there any rule that says one can only post on one’s blog once a day? 🙂

I am overweight. I calculated my body mass index (BMI) today and got the shock of my life. I am 5 ft 9″ and I weigh 191lbs. Writing down my weight has been the scariest and bravest thing I’ve done recently (notwithstanding my recent baldie). I NEVER tell my weight. I’m happy to share my age, height and a few other intimate information about my life but stating my weight was always a no-no. Probably because I have become somewhat ashamed of how far from my ideal weight I am. I dated a guy who weighed less than I do and although he bugged me relentlessly to tell him how much I weighed and I never did. That’s how close-mouthed I am about my weight. Here’s to hoping he doesn’t find this blog!

Anyway, based on my weight and height combo, my BMI is 28! Normal BMI for a person of my height should be between 19 and 24 (128 -162lbs). The overweight index for my height runs from 25 to 29 (so I’m almost obese) and the obese index for my height runs from 30 to 40 (203 – 270lbs).


So, I definitely have to lose weight now. I’ve been trying to lose weight for a while now, but haven’t really been serious about it. I’ve recently taken up swimming – actually, I’m learning to swim – but the rainy season is interfering with that since classes are held in an outdoor pool. I was going to Eko Gym in VI for aerobic step/kickboxing, but have stopped attending lately (first because the instructor I like took a month’s vacation and second, because at N2000 per class, my Eko gym workout is a stretch on my finances). And I got a chef/housekeeper who is determined to fatten me up with little resistance from me so far. But changes need to be made.

I have to start with reduction of my food intake. This is the biggest challenge. The Nigerian diet is very carb and oil heavy and it’s very difficult to develop a weight loss diet plan with the food we have readily available here, but I’m going to try. I will hopefully post my diet here. I do not doubt that this is going to be a LOT of hard work and that I’m going to need a LOT of support, but we’ll start with keeping a record of what I’m actually doing and how that is working out for me.

I will also have to develop an exercise regimen that will fit into my life. Swim at least 3 times a week (weather permitting) and cardio exercise at least 2 days a week (treadmill, weights, or maybe back to Eko Gym aerobic classes). I’m also thinking about jump roping everyday for at least 30 mins every morning. I know I’m going to have to incorporate some hardcore exercise and lifestyle change in order to get started on this weight loss journey. Hopefully, I will have some success to register before my 35th birthday next year. *fingers crossed*

So goal in the next couple days: draw up weekly meal plan and a workable exercise regimen for weight loss.

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